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Combine Best Material With Finnish Highly Automated Manufacturing Method

Timberwise is a family-owned company established in 1999, at Loimaa, Finland. We manufacture full plank wooden floors and design floors for people who value natural, safe and high-quality Finnish craftsmanship. Our products are created by combining the best raw material in the world with Finnish carpentry and highly automated manufacturing methods. Our goal is to become known for the best plank wooden floors in the world.




Purely 100% Made in Finland

Using the best quality of Findland Birch plywood & with no added formaldehyde

Extreme matt lac coating providing a very strong

and longlasting surface with minimal maintenance

Underfloor heating system install underneath accepted





Timberwise is the world's best parquet. It is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials in Loimaa. Finland. The result is a unique combination of finnish expertise.style and safety. Quality that can be felt at every step - from one generation to the next.

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Oak Kolmio
Oak Kolmio
Oak Kolmio Diamond
Oak Kolmio Diamond
Oak Hexagon
Oak Hexagon
Oak Block Chevron
Oak Block Chevron
Oak ChevBone
Oak ChevBone
Oak Pala
Oak Pala
Oak Chevron
Oak Chevron
Oak Herringbone Basket Weave
Oak Herringbone Basket Weave




UV Lacquer Flooring Cleaning

Timberwise’s lacquered flooring materials have been surface treated at the factory with an ultraviolet-solidified acrylate lacquer. The lacquer does not release health-threatening substances or formaldehyde into the air. 

Caring for your Timberwise floor is easy. Follow these simple instructions and your floor will always retain its splendour: 

  • Use door mats. 

  • Vacuum clean or swipe away all sand or dust off the floor. 

  • Wipe the floor regularly with a damp mop. Add a small amount of neutral cleaning detergent to the water. 

  • Always wipe off excessive water and other liquids from the floor. 

  • Use felt pads under furniture legs and avoid using stiletto heels when walking on the floor. 

  • When condition required, air conditioner, heater and humidifier should use to regular the room to temperature moisture.


Stain removal instructions: 

  • Neutral synthetic cleaning detergents are the most efficient substances for removing stains created by fruits, berries, milk products, juices, beverages, wine, coffee and urine. 

  • Mineral turpentine is used for removing stains created by grease, oil, shoe prints, shoe polish, tar, pitch and chocolate. 

  • Office alcohol ( about 75%) is used to remove stains caused by ballpoint pens, ink, lipstick and office chemicals. 

  • Cold water can be used to clean blood stains. 


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