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Our pattern floor structure can be made with tongue and groove interlocking even along a curve line

Hattco is a brand specialising in the production of two layer wooden floors, which are made of different types of wood, selected in the areas of origin and mainly coming from plantations. They are accured various wooden layers are assembled with ecological glues. The performed treatment responds to the increasing need using wax oil and matt UV which give the wooden floor the traditional smooth and warm aspect.




Fullfilling Japan highiest standard of Formaldehyde emission F**** grade

Over 20 years experience, Hattco flooring providing most stable engineered 2 layers structure from beginning until now.


Its flexibility in colour, surface treatment and plank size are most welcome by interior designer and home owner.

With the help of sophisticate machine and advance software, it could produce very special pattern as requested by client and with tongue and groove machined all round even along curve lines.





Cleaning Instruction

Steps / Surface Coating    Wax Oil / UV Oil /UV/ XUV

Step 1 Arrange your furniture carefully without pushing ( risk of scratching )

Step 2 Remove particles with a vacuum cleaner or a bush

Step 3 Door mats are recommended at entrances

Step 4 Felt pads under chair and tables legs prevent scratching

Step 5 Please use the wet mop up to clean the floor and underlay mats

Wax Oil

Dry cleansing :

for day to day cleaning, you should use either a broom, a vacuum cleaner or dust mop to clean the surface.


Regular damp mopping :

The 'Clean & Care' brilliantly removes most day to day staines from your wooden floor.

It can be diluted to suit the level of soiling on the surface and applied using a damp mop.

The 'Clean & Care' is a product for natural cleaning and maintenance concentrate for floors - for regular cleaning and care.

UV Oil

Use neutral cleansing agent to wet mop the floor surface and leave it to dry.

If needed, use Hattco maintenance oil to clearn and reapply a protective thin layer of oil on the wood floors.

Attention should be paid : Don't use the maintenance oil too frequently; if not, the wood floor surface will becoming

too slippery.


Use neutral cleansing agent to wet mop the floor surface and leave it to dry.

maintenance 600.jpg

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