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Most Natural Wood–Looking Decking & Sunshading Panel Application

Greenwood has been producing composite wood since 2002, and is today fast moving towards the future in a leading position with innovative and cutting-edge solutions in terms of technology, design, texture and performance. The know-how consolidated in over 15 years of experience is at the roots of a diverse range of new horizontal and vertical cladding and decking solutions. Always ready to take it to the next level.




Use of Greenwood products leads to a savings of 55%

CO2 emissions (Carbon Print)

Most wood like looking wpc decking in the market

Its special design surface texture and wide plank dimension

making it looks modern, elegant and with high quality and

functional performance

Greenwood Plugandplay (+20°C) - a new solution to provide

extra warm and comfort environment when enjoying outside

air and scenery








For any stain, it should remove quickily as soon as possible to avoid surface absorption and further penetration into the board.


Although Greenwood does not need any special care and maintenance daily  you should carry out general cleaning for every 1-2 months, depending frequent and  area of use.


To do this, perform cleanup following the following steps :

  • Use water jet machine pressure (max 80 bar) with the jet fan open and run the water within the meaning of grooving of the stage. Avoid circular movements and that leave marks on stage. This will help us remove embedded dirt and dust.

  • In a bucket with little water, pour a dash of neutral and mild soap and/or  bleach cleaner and with a broom clean. Rub vigorously to create foam.  Leave for minute and rinse with plenty of water and avoid puddles. Allow to dry


Greenwood decking is a solidwood planks. If the stain has penetrated into the decking surface, you can slightly sand the surface with fine sandpaper or wire brush, always in the direction of grooving.  This action, may produce a slight whitening the area of which will be planed matching the rest of the flooring over time.


When using the cleaner, always perform a clean test in an inconspicuous place of the platform to observe the results. Strictly follow the cleaning instruction. The use of cleaner or improper use the decking is the sole responsibility of the customer.


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