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Elegance and evolution of the LVT

A Swiss made brand with international presence, Floover is a new generation of technically advanced flooring and wall solutions, aims to provide high end and eco friendly products for better life quality.

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Innovation in engineered applications

With the innovation and technology on product, speed in developing new products and solution, which attributed a leading position in sector. 


Quality and patented solution

Headquarters in Barcelona (Spain). main production in Mustair (Switzerland), with global commercial offices where to entire the sustainable production process and complies with Swiss law and the European standards.


Design and trends always in product

Passionate on the latest trends and designs which are reflected in different solutions and collection, high quality flooring for both domestic and residential uses.


International leadership and presence worldwide

Floover has always been pioneered internationally in developing, producing and offering a high-end flooring solutions to worldwide, spreading over 80 countries.

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Fire Resistance

According to european norm,

complied to EN13501-1 and classified 

as Bfl -s1.



Focused on the sound reduction performance, 

even for reflected sound or transmitted sound.



100% waterproof board offered a superb performance against the water from the top surface. With UNICLIC system, which secure the water remains on the top surface and stop soaking to the bottom layer.


Abrasion Resistance

Apart from Floover Original collection which classified as Class 32, which recommended for residential use. Most of series are classified as Class 33, which suitable for heavy traffic area like shops, open-plan offices and public halls.


Impact Resistance

An excellent Impact resistant performance compared with another product in market.



No static electricity vinyl composition produced on product.



Vinyl certificated 100% virgin. 

All Floover products are “Ü Zeichen” certificated for their 

extremely low emissions.


Slip Resistance

With slip resistance and complied to EN16165 R10


UV Resistance

With UV resistance and complied to ISO 105 ≥ Grade 6




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The maintenance of Floover flooring is simple and easy. 


Floover cleaner is a professional cleaner for cleaning and maintenance for your floor. 



Bright - Leaves the floor clean, bright and lightly scented. 

Dirt absorption - High cleaning power due to the presence of active moisturizers and emulsifiers. 

No marks - It acts quickly on dirt, grease, nicotine and fingerprints. no need to rinse and leaves no marks. 


Ideal for daily maintenance cleaning the resilient flooring.

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