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Wooden flooring is the most suitable material for our home flooring covering for Hong Kong. It provides both the warmth and natural beauty of wood of which stone and tiles does not have. Our wooden floor suppliers are one of the best in their countries and around the world including from Italy, Finland and Taiwan etc.....

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100% Waterproof

Laminate Flooring

This laminate floors use the most advanced technologies to create the new design and high quality floors. It totally solved the problem of expansion or warping of the normal Melamine laminate floor will have. It is easy to install in different areas as it has very thick protective coating than others in the market.

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The wpc decking is a perfect solution for the replacement of real timber decking used in Hong Kong. It is environmental friendly, providing a lot different facinating colours and profiles for designer choices while maintening the warmth of real wood.

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With the proper selection of our different sun shading solution, the occupants of the premises can still enjoy and use outdoor space no matter under beautiful sunshine or raining. Adequate control for the Sun and Rain influence will let home owner enjoying great natural fresh air and environment with greatest extend.

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Karlian was started as a small family business some 20 years ago. With time and experience, we have established direct contact with leading manufacturers in the flooring industry, and built up a team equipped with the necessary know-how to always get you covered when it comes to flooring. 


Here at Karlian, we curate an array of exceptional flooring materials that could tailor to your every need – whether you are looking to decorate residential properties, furnish commercial units, or to build an environmentally-friendly open space – we sure would have something to offer. 


We pride ourselves on our enthusiastic staff who is committed to understand your preference and exercise the greatest flexibility for you. Our unparalleled commitment in quality service consistently provides our client with the best customer experience. We strive to take on every challenge.

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