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Hattco Multi-purpose Water Base Cleaner

Hattco Multi-purpose Water Base Cleaner


  1. With the used of nano technology, the cleanser particle is very small in size. It can penetrate into coating surface and remove the dirt falling on it.
  2. After drying, it forms a thin film of protective coating to prevent dirts to trap on the surface again.
  3. The user could use this to clean the flooring surface every 1-2 weeks depending the wear and tear.
  • Unit Price

    250ml : HK$120 / Bottle

    Courier Charge To Be Quoted Separately

  • Covered Area

    approx 200 sq m

  • Suitable for type of surface coating

    UV / XUV P
    UV Oil P
    Wax Oil P
    Water Base PU P
  • How To Use

    1. Before start to use the cleanser, some basic cleaning steps need to do.
    2. Vacuum clean the whole surface with a vacuum cleaner.
    3. Then follow to wipe the surface with a electro-static cloth.
    4. If some stubborn stain / greese remaining on surface, either use natural crystal soap water or 75% alcohol to remove it and leave it to dry.
    5. Pour the cleanser onto a piece of sprung free white cotton cloth and apply evenly and thoroughly on surface.
    6. Avoid excessive qty apply on an area and cause the surface becoming too slippery.
    7. For daily cleansing, pour 2-3 cups of cleaner into 1 litre of water and wet mop the surface and leave it to dry.
    8. Must avoid excessive water to fall on floor surface.
    9. Rinse the mop everytime after wipping the floor surface with clean water before applying the cleansing again.
    10. If the surface becoming too slippery, user should stop to apply it until back to normal.
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